Our Story

By Abidah Bryant

Justin and I met while stationed on-board the USS Bataan. He worked as an aircraft firefighter on the flight deck and I as an aircraft director in the hangar bay. Only seeing each other occasionally in passing, it wasn't until almost 4 years later that we had decided to take a shot at dating. Apparently he liked me enough to stick around, so we tied the knot in 2007 and 3 kids, 3 dogs, 5 cats, 1 rabbit, and a couple of gold fish later, he's still eating out of my fridge! 

Shortly after having our second child in 2008, I was accepted into the University of Kentucky's Engineering School. We needed to be close to the university so we found a cute split-level in Lawrenceburg and decided to make it our permanent home. We've been calling Lawrenceburg our home ever since.

Justin has always been a "hands-on" kind of guy. After leaving the military he immediately started working as a maintenance tech for a multi-family apartment complex. After moving to Kentucky he worked his way through Section 8 housing, luxury apartments, then eventually student housing, where he served in a management position for several years. Justin has earned an Assistant Drafter Certificate and is a Certified Indiana Home Inspector. This year we'll be adding Certified Kentucky Home Inspector to the mix.

When we aren't working with our clients, we like to spend our time scoping out potential projects, remodeling our home, and hanging out with our kids.